• Wastewater Treatment Industry

    wastewater treatment, also called sewage treatment, the removal of impurities from wastewater, or sewage, before it reaches aquifers or natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceans. Water pollution, therefore, is caused primarily


  • Power Plant Industry

    Most power plants contain one or more generators, a rotating machine that converts mechanical power into electrical power. The relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor creates an electrical current. The energy source harnessed to turn the


  • Drilling the pipeline without stopping medium flow.

    Application:Drilling the pipeline without stopping medium flow. Advantage: 1) Bored, cleaning hole design ; 2)Max. Working pressure 12bar, Design according medium pressure, more cost-efficient and flexible; 3)No-rising stem, save operation space. 4)


  • Coking Project

    Coking Project Advantage: 1)Metal sealing for high temperature gas medium; 2)Max. Working Pressure: 2bar for DN2000-6barFOR DN600, low leakage, maintenance-free; 3)Lighter compared with Gate Valve,1/3 weight of Gate Valve, easy transportation and i


  • Water treatment plant inlet from Yangzi River.

    Application: Water treatment plant inlet from Yangzi River. Advantage: 1) Bi-directional FKM sealing, Replace KFM Sealing Seat on-line, Cleaning hole design 2)Customized basing on working pressure, Max. Working Pressure: 2bar 3)Good sealing property c


  • Gas and oil industry

    Urban gas accounts for 22% of the total natural gas market, with a large amount of valves and many types. Need ball valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve



Company Profile

Since its establishment, our company has been based on the market, taking product quality and customer reputation as the life of the enterprise, and has developed steadily. In the future, we will focus on the production of valves and castings and continue to improve our development, design, manufacturing and service capabilities. Constantly improve and strive to establish long-term strategic partnership with world-famous enterprises. Improve the automation level of production, promote lean production management, and hope to achieve excellent results in the foundry industry within five years.


  • 2012yearListing on the third board
  • 5BillionTotal assets of the company
  • 133333Plant area
  • 50+National patent